Here's to Mr. G: a 594 ice cream cone salute

This is one of the photos Laura Osborn collected for display at Saturday's remembrance of Mr. G.

A good many of the people going to or from the gathering in memory of teacher, coach and community pillar John Girard at Huntley Meadow Saturday must have stopped at Dan & Whit's for an ice cream cone. Perhaps a good many people who couldn't make the remembrance stopped at Dan & Whit's too.

I say that because on Saturday, Dan & Whit's sold 594 ice cream cones in Mr. G's memory. It was a fundraiser, with every penny of the day's $1,782 in cone sales going to a fund established by Mr. G's family to help provide access to recreation for Norwich kids. As Dan Fraser noted in a post to the list, that money will be matched by an anonymous donor -- meaning the total going into the fund because of ice cream sales will amount to $3,564.

"Very happy," Dan told me by email. 

Donations to the fund are being collected at the Norwich Recreation Department, so I called Director Jill Kearney today to ask how much money has been raised in total. She doesn't know yet. She's pretty much beyond busy.

"People are just coming in my door one after another right now," she said, bearing checks for the fund. When things settle down -- it's start of the fall rec season, and more -- and Jill has a handle on contributions, she plans to confer with the Girard family as to how to make use of the money on behalf of Norwich children.

If you'd like to make a contribution, you can join the crowd in the rec department office -- or mail it to the Norwich Recreation Department, PO Box 1137, Norwich, VT 05055. Checks should be made out to the Town of Norwich Recreation Department (John Girard Fund).

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