'I have seen numerous near misses with cars and kids'

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Mark Travis

You have to like a police chief who signs his e-mails with "Stay safe." And with the Marion Cross School set to reopen on Wednesday, that's the very message Police Chief Doug Robinson sent to drivers in downtown Norwich through the listserv: Be careful, and watch out for the kids.

I wrote to ask him a few follow-up questions.

Are there specific spots around MCS or the dropoff/pickup times where you'd like people to be especially mindful?

There aren’t really any specific spots other then where the buses are picking up and dropping off kids and the Church Street side of the school. That is where a lot of parents pick up and/or drop off their children for school. During peak times (drop off and pickup) it becomes very congested with not only vehicles but with pedestrians as well.

Have there been any unfortunate accidents/near accidents in recent years? (Hope not.)

Fingers crossed, knocking on wood, tossing salt over my shoulder but there have been no serious accidents although several minor “fender benders” just from all the congestion. I have seen numerous near misses with cars and kids mainly on the Church Street side of the school.

Is the concern evolving at all for you as the years pass? In other words, are traffic patterns changing? Level of traffic?

No, I don’t think my level of concern has changed, there has always been a lot of congestion at pick up and drop off times. We would just like to remind motorist to be mindful anytime they are in the area of any school. 
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