Off to the Conversation group at Bentley’s!

CANCELLED! Monday, Aug.27-ConversationGroup

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Plumbing issues at Bentley’s - cancelled conversation group

The weekly conversation group at Bentley’s in Woodstock is looking for YOU to join in!

We meet from 5:30 - 7:30 at the table by the mirror. 

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Tonight’s Topic: What influence do those who have passed on before us continue to have in the current world? 

Guidelines for discussions: We are working on practicing conscious and active listening when another is speaking. To do this we’ll:

- focus attention on what is being said instead of our response to it

- ask clarifying questions to get to the meaning of the message beyond the words

- pause to consider what was presented

- respectfully repond with additional  thoughts, contradictions, or insights. 

Hope you will join us! 

5:30- 7:30

Come when you can. - Leave when you must!

Conversation ends when Open Mic begins at 7:30. 


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