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Worth Knowing: You're not going crazy . . . there are more squirrels around this year

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We've all been seeing it and thinking it . . . are there more squirrels around this year than in recent years? Not only scampering on your lawns and in your woods, but also in various unnatural positions as they lie dead in the road?

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The consensus answer appears to be an emphatic yes.

Several media outlets have reported on this phenomenon. For example, an August 30 article in the Union Leader  included part of an interview with New Hampshire Fish & Game Department Biologist Rob Calvert in which Calvert commented that he'd never seen anything like the number of dead squirrels on the state's highways. And on September 13, Vermont Public Radio aired a 7 1/2 minute interview with John Gobeille from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, during which Gobeille accounted for the bumper squirrel population because of recent mild winters (which increases the survival rate of the population) and good mast crops like oak and hickory (which feeds them). The Valley News has written about the bumper crop of squirrels in our midst, as have newspapers across New England. It seems like everybody's talking about it.

So no, you are not crazy. There are more squirrels out there than usual.

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