PHOTOS: Van mishap closes on-ramp to Interstate 91 South in White River Junction

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WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A confused driver backed down the on-ramp at Exit 11 which leads to I-91 southbound and ended up going backwards into a ditch early Saturday afternoon, briefly necessitating a shut-down of the ramp while a tow truck pulled the red utility van back onto the pavement.

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    Neither of the electricians who were in the van at the time were hurt and Hartford Police said that no charges are going to be forthcoming over the mishap.

    "They were not familiar with this area and saw the "Wrong Way" signs and mistakenly thought they were going up the wrong side of the ramps," said Hartford Police Officer Simon Keeling.  

     The driver ended up backing down off what was actually the correct on-ramp and as he tried to swing the rear of the van back onto Route 5 he misjudged the angle and rolled backwards into the ditch, Keeling explained.

Hartford Police Chief Phil Kasten helped direct traffic at the scene

Police said neither of the occupants of the electrician's van were injured

Hartford firefighters used a large rescue jack and straps to anchor the van to Engine 4 while waiting for the tow truck

The electricians were able to drive the van off under its own power once it was pulled back onto the roadway

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