Vintage Clothes, Costumes, and a Gender-Fluid Pink Flamingo – Coming Soon to WRJ

Just when you think you're all up to date on White River Junction's new businesses—JUEL, Little Istanbul, Phnom Penh—you inevitably find out about another. But this time, you feel like you may be one of the first to know.

I was down around the back of the Main Street Museum last week when a friendly fellow dressed in brightly painted coveralls warmly said hello. His name is Wyatt Manobla, I learned as we shook hands, and in a couple weeks he plans to open his store of new and vintage clothing and "gently loved" costumes.

The store to be called Dusty's Palace will be located through one of the doors along the lower level beneath the Museum. The easiest way to find it, Manobla says, is to look for the giant pink flamingo outside. "That's Dusty. He's a gender-fluid pink flamingo."

Manobla wants to create a safe space for openness (LGBTQ-friendly for sure) and radical fashion experimentation, a sentiment he's carried since he was a child. "Clothing and fashion were always my escape," he says, and it led him into a stint working on costumes for Broadway musicals in New York City. 

Putting his ideas—fashion, business, and otherwise—on paper.

In his own wild and wonderful outfit, Manobla lives his personal philosophy outwardly, which is that "our bodies are suitcases carrying our souls, and we should decorate our suitcases however we want to," as he put it.

He says, "I want people to look at me and think, hey, if he's wearing that, then I can wear this."

Visitors to Dusty's Palace can expect a virtually endless array of style combinations in stock, and should definitely consider it their new spot to come and create this year's Halloween costume. Count on Manobla to help you find something perfect—and perfectly you.

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And as soon as we know more about an official opening date and when Dusty's Palace is ready to check out inside, we'll update you!

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