Hartford's Take a Bite out of Hunger Community Meals Program

Take a Bite out of Hunger

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A Mom from Hartford Shares her Community Meals Experience

It’s just past noon on a summer Monday. A few families gather in the cafeteria of the White River School for Hartford’s Take a Bite out of Hunger Community Meals program. A couple of toddlers play with a set of Legos. A few adults stand nearby in conversation. Shelby Hawks, the program’s lunch coordinator, strolls around the room to make sure visitors have everything they need.

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A mom from Hartford has just finished her lunch of a SunButter sandwich, carrots, and cherries. She has a chance to chat with adults today because her five kids, who usually join her, are at camp this week. She says she learned about Hartford’s community meals from her daughter’s school when the lunch program began in 2014.

“My kids and I usually sit here together. We have the meal together,” she says. “We meet other families, and I know at least two of the other families who are here most of the time.”

She says the meals are healthy and balanced. Her kids are always open to trying some of the foods that are new to them, such as wheat bread, since they eat white bread at home.

 “Lunch is the hardest meal for my family to manage during the summer since my kids, who range in age from 8 to 17, are on summer break,” she says. “Their schedules are all different, and they’re not sure what to eat. This program helps us plan. It helps with our budget, too.”


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