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Eighteen houses are on the market in Norwich, and there are fewer listed for $224,000 or less (2) than for $1.7 million or more (3). I share this information because one of the challenges facing those who are working to create more affordable housing in town is the underlying value of real estate. It's high! 

The snapshot I'm sharing is taken from a review of the Norwich homes listed for sale on the New England Real Estate Network website as of Friday, Aug. 24.

The 200's

66 Kerwin Hill Road (all photos from NEREN listings)

The two houses in this grouping are both single-family homes with three bedrooms. One, on Kerwin Road, is listed for $210,000 and is currently your least-expensive option if you're looking to get into Norwich. Its counterpart in this category, on Route 5 North, is listed for $224,000.

The 300's

2 Four Wheel Drive

Three properties on the market in this range. The least expensive is on Four Wheel Drive and is listed for $355,000 -- a gap of $130,000 in the market between it and the next cheapest option. Next is a property on Sargent Street listed for $369,000, and next up the ladder is a Turnpike Road home listed at $399,000. Interestingly, none have garages.

The 400's

346 Goodrich Four Corners Road

Just one property in this range: a mid-century modern home with separate studio/workspace, custom-designed by local architects, on Goodrich Four Corners Road that's listed for $425,000. (*See below for an explanation of a change in this description.) 

The 500's

32/8 Ruella Road

Five homes. The largest single tier. The least expensive, at $519,000 and on Rubella Road, isn't about the home. It's about the property: 172 acres. Next, at $559,000, is a 3-bedroom home on Upper Turnpike Road. The final three 500's are: $569,900 on Norford Lake Road; $589,000 on Blood Hill Road; and $599,000 on Sugartop Road

The Uppers

276 Hopson Road

I'm clustering big time now: four properties between $600,000 and $850,000. They are to be found on Hopson Road, at $695,000; on Goodrich Four Corners, at $749,000 (three bays!); on Brookside Drive, at $825,000; and on Stagecoach Road, at $837,500. 

The Upper Uppers

398 Bradley Hill Road

Three homes in Norwich are listed for more than $1 million -- and we're not talking about slightly over $1 million, either. The first, South Meadow Farm, on Bradley Hill Road, is listed at $1,745,000. Next up, at $1,790,000, is a home on Willey Hill Road once owned by Captain Kangaroo. Finally, on Elm Street, we have a 5-bedroom home on 40 acres that's listed for $2,195,000.


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In light of a public comment on the post, I removed a joking reference to garages throughout this post that, in one instance, gave offense. I meant none, and it was an aside, not central to the point of the post. I should have given more thought to that, and I apologize for not doing so.

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