Another day, another Hartford survey – this one about the future of Fairview Terrace

Submitted 4 months ago

It's nice when a town puts its Survey Monkey account to good use. In addition to an extreme weather survey for seniors and its now-complete survey about the future of its public pool, the Town of Hartford today released a survey regarding the unstable situation along Fairview Terrace.

If you live near or have had reason to travel that way with any regularity, no doubt you know the situation. But for the rest, here's the story, according to the Town: 

"Currently, a series of retaining walls located around Fairview Terrace are in poor or failing condition.  Several years ago, the Town worked with an engineering consultant to determine options to move forward.  In December 2017, the Town closed Fairview Terrace until we determine a path to move forward."

Those affected by this closure are encouraged to weigh in on a handful of options on how extensively to restore the retaining walls, or not. Whether to allow only pedestrians along Fairview Terrace or to make it accessible to vehicular traffic again is the difference between tens of thousands of dollars and a few million.

Like the crumbling wall itself, let the Town know how you lean! 

Access the Fairview Terrace Survey here.


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