Decades of Classical Music For Randolph

For over a quarter century now, Central Vermont Chamber Music Festival founder, cellist Peter Sanders, has enticed brilliant artists from New York to come north for two weeks of chamber music in residence at Chandler Center for the Arts.

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They come with the promise of a wonderful time in Vermont; they come knowing that even failing weather will not dampen the quality of Chandler’s unmatched acoustic landscape; they come assured of Sander’s impeccable skill in matching players and musical pieces to the unalloyed joy of artist and audience alike.

Internationally acclaimed composer Nico Muhly, who has deep roots in East Randolph, has observed, “With chamber music, you can get people who work on the music for months, rehearsing it every day for a couple of hours, and if they get it in a different way than you do, which is entirely possible, it’s not as a result of anything other than their good musicianship.”

For two weeks each summer we are uplifted, enlarged, by the good musicianship of Peter Sanders and his gathered ensembles. The musicians come and go. (Sadly, violinist Basia Danilov, Sanders’ partner in marriage and CVCMF performance, could not be with us this year.) Other eminently capable musicians, like violinist Katarzina Bryla-Weiss, new to the festival this season, step up to offer their own abundant gifts.

The series continues this week at Chandler and in Woodstock.



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