Meet Emily Biolsi, who draws teaching inspiration from trail runs

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Mark Travis

The official opening day for the full staff at the Marion Cross School is Friday, but it's been easy to find teachers setting up their classrooms for many days now, as the janitorial staff labors to clean carpets and floors and anything else that stands still very long. 

Today I happened on Emily Biolsi, who teaches sixth-grade English and a third of the Science curriculum. I had a few questions for her.

What has you most excited as you begin the school year?

I think the opportunity to get to know a new group of students. The chance to share my passion for reading and for writing. The opportunity to get to see where kids are as they start out as sixth graders and having a chance to really help them become confident writers.

Tell me about what brought you to Norwich and how long you’ve been working here.

This is my fifth year here at Marion Cross. I taught for six or seven years in Central Vermont before that. I moved out here because I was relocating with my husband.

Final question: Tell me something about yourself that most people don't know.

I draw a lot of inspiration from being able to spend time outside. I’m an avid trail runner and endurance runner, so I find myself doing a lot of thinking when I’m on long runs and hikes in the mountains. It’s a great time to do a lot of reflecting.

And I try to bring an opportunity for ongoing reflection into the classroom for students, whether it’s reflecting on what’s working as a writer, what they want to try, what they want to bring in to their work, or reflecting and doing goal-setting around where they want to be for the next trimester and for the end of the school year.

So I think I pull from that personal time in the mountains a reflection on life and on teaching, and try to bring some of that into the classroom as an opportunity for students. 


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