Can we please make "The Junc" happen?

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Tom Haushalter

Maybe we should look at White River Junction's growing parking problem as a sign of progress. Only when a sleepy little town becomes lively, when the empty rustic storefronts fill in with small businesses (that maintain the rustic look because that's what sells the fair trade lattes and branded merch), does parking becomes an issue.

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It's as true here as anywhere the confidently hip accept jockeying for a good spot (or any spot) in order to be part of what's happening. 

Because it's definitely happening here in White River Junction. White River. Ole W-R-J.

The Junc? 

Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Every place with a legit parking problem also has a millennial-made moniker.

And, I dunno, "The Junc" isn't bad.

I can't remember where I first heard it. Could've been a colleague one evening at after-work drinks or some First Friday. Sitting there at Trail Break, I'm pretty sure. He or she took a sip from their pint of River Roost, leaned back all self-satisfied, and was like, "Ah, so much happening here in the Junc!"

So what's your take? Is "The Junc" a thing that should happen? 

Can we get Revolution to do the t-shirt? A specialty cocktail at Elixir? A JUEL smoothie with everything? I'd get in line for that.

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