Buy Once, Pay Twice?

Moe's. Great food, but a credit card issue strikes

Moe's in W. Leb's Credit Card Glitch

News of being charged more than once at Moe's Southwest Grill in W. Leb has been making the rounds on Upper Valley social media circuits, and an article in today's Valley News confirms what's happened. 

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There was a payment glitch discovered with Moe's credit card payment vendor as a result of an electrical storm that struck the store's computer system back on July 28th. During the timeframe July 28th and August 2nd is when the multiple charges happened, with some customers' credit cards getting charged multiple times for their food purchases.

In today's Valley News report, Moe's owner, Wally Vucich, was quoted as saying "everybody will be refunded." Click Here to see the VN article.  

So, for those of you who've been wondering why you see multiple charges on your credit card from Moe's when you only ate there once, know that help is on its way. If you remember eating at Moe's during the July 28 - August 2 timeframe, you might want to check your credit card statement. If you see something fishy, stop in to make sure Moe's is aware of any multiple charges appearing on your card.

As for me, I'll keep on eating at Moe's for a quick bite while shopping. Their southwestern-U.S.-inspired food is great, and my kids really love it, too!


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