It’s Tuesday: Saved by Martha’s On A Roll

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Susan B. Apel

Stuck at Wilson Tire last week, waiting. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Wilson’s has always provided courteous and reliable service. But my husband and I were hungry as lunchtime rolled around. The car with its flat tire, awaiting a parts delivery within the next hour or two, was useless. Where to go on foot? 

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No choice but to begin hoofing it toward The Fort, the truck stop diner just off of Exit 18 on Route 120. Trying to avoid direct confrontations with the Route 120 traffic, we are winding our way through some back streets, and one of us does not always have the best sense of direction. And that same person (okay, it’s me) gets cranky when hungry. 

Just as we are cutting through a parking lot near DHMC’s Heater Road Building, we see a large orange rectangular shape, parked. We discern that it is a food truck, but don’t trust our eyes, as though we are desert wanderers—because by now the sun is high and hot—who don’t know if the oasis is real or a mirage. 

We draw closer. It’s Martha’s On A Roll, and it is open! Because it’s Tuesday and it’s Heater Road. My husband ordered the Double Dog special and I got the Chicken Caesar salad. Sides of coleslaw and chips included, and a cookie. Fresh, tasty, and reasonably priced at a total of $14 for 2 hungry people. Eaten at a little picnic table truck-side. Bliss.  

(Martha’s On A Roll serves breakfast and lunch. Its Facebook page lists the current schedule, including locations at Lebanon’s Rivermill Complex (Thursdays), DHMC Heater Road (Tuesdays) and the Dartmouth Green (Sundays). As always, best to check the FB page for the most up to date information.)


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