Diving into the Hartford pool committee's survey results

Submitted 3 months ago

Back in June, the Hartford Parks and Recreation Department assembled a group to be known as the Pool Committee, whose primary task was to gather feedback from the community on the fate of the Sherman Manning Pool located at the high school. The pool has been closed all summer and questions remain about whether it will ever reopen.

In July, the Pool Committee put out a survey, which included 6 questions to gauge people's hopes and concerns regarding a public pool in Hartford. The survey results were released yesterday, and one thing is pretty clear:

78% of survey respondents agree or strongly agree that it is important that the Town provide an outdoor swimming pool or other aquatic venue. 

Digging even further into the survey results, we gain a few more valuable insights:

  • Regarding overall impression of the current state of Sherman Manning Pool, 75% of the respondents (570 out 751) ranged between neutral and highly favorable

  • 30% of respondents said they never used the pool in recent years, while 21% were regular visitors (1-2 times a week)

  • As for reasons why folks avoided the pool, more than 25% said there's just not enough shade, and 15% complained that there was no snack bar

  • In a check-all-that-apply question looking for reasons why people DO use the swimming pool, popular responses included "Fun and healthy outdoor activity," "Enjoy swimming," the pool's affordability as well as its location

  • And the last question asked respondents to envision their ideal outdoor swimming experience in Hartford—all responses to which you can read here—which included things like lap swim availability, a water slide and splash pad, and more seating

But really, most people just want their old pool back.


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