2 dark spots in Hartford get the LED treatment

Submitted 4 months ago

A kind of wisdom comes from finding yourself in darkness: you never notice a lightbulb until it stops working. Then when light is restored, it's a modern miracle all over again.

Recently the Town of Hartford brought some much-needed illumination to a couple of spots in town. As reported in the town manager's latest Significant Activity Report and worth highlighting:

  • An electrician installed LED lighting and electrical outlets in the maintenance shed at Maxfield Sports Complex. Previously, there was no lighting or outlets in the maintenance building, which made it extremely unsafe for evening functions, such as the Nighthawks games, that required nighttime access to the building. This has made the space safer and has increased the utility of the building with the added electrical outlets. 

  • The Parks & Rec Department had an electrician remove the old and non-functioning light fixture from the cupola at the West Hartford Library and replaced it with a new LED fixture on a timer. The old light fixture could not be accessed without installation of staging, which was a pretty poor design. The intent for replacement is to reduce energy costs and maintenance, as well as to increases the lifespan of the fixture. 

And this last mine of the Library's light upgrade is just perfect:

The light illuminates the cupola so it stands as a beacon in the community.

How true!


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