Postal clerk Eileen Flannery of Claremont receives a Hero Award from Postmaster Jason Salgo.

Claremont postal clerk stops a scam

Submitted 3 months ago

On Tuesday, postal inspector Brian Evans visited the Claremont Senior Center and spoke to an attentive and engaged audience about fraud perpetrated through the U.S. Mail. His presentation was coupled with an official recognition from the Postal Service for Eileen Flannery, the lead clerk at the Claremont post office. Flannery received the Hero Award in May from the U.S.P.S. for preventing a local woman from sending $17,000 through the mail.

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The woman was a regular customer and Flannery’s suspicions were aroused when the woman said she was sending the money to a banker and mentioned a large amount. Flannery convinced her to speak to Postmaster Jason Salgo, who managed to dissuade her from sending a check and, after contacting the woman’s son, to stop payment on another.

Evans’s presentation was full of similar stories and he also told of incidents that did not end well; some people insist on going along with a scam, even when the postal service attempts to convince them otherwise. Many in his audience related stories about receiving packages, packets, and letters in the mail, as well as phone calls. Evans urged them to simply ignore what came in the mail and to hang up on the callers.



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