What's hot at Norwich Wine? A cool Tuscan white

Submitted 3 months ago
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Mark Travis

From time to time I'm going to drop in on Norwich businesses to ask about what's new and what's selling. Because hey, the businesses live here too. 

Anyway, today this quest brought me to Norwich Wine & Spirits, where Peter Rutledge went right to the thousands of bottles in the store and picked up a Tuscan white bottled by Fonte Delle Donna.

If you're deeply into wines, you'll want to know this: It's a 50-50 blend of Vermentino and Colombana grapes.

If you're somewhat less deeply into wines, you'll want to know this: "It's crisp and dry but not bland. It has something to it."

And perhaps this: "Little tiny winery. This is made in hundreds of cases rather than hundreds of thousands of cases."

A distributor introduced Rutledge to the wine by offering a taste. "That's how we pick everything in the store," he said, "by actually tasting it."

The wine sells for $16.99 a bottle.


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