Quechee Pocket Park Naming Contest Is Closed. Here's What Happens Next

A few weeks ago, when the Town of Hartford invited residents to submit their suggestions for what to name the newly completed, generically known "pocket park" by the Quechee bridge, no doubt they anticipated the range of responses they'd receive.

Bridge Park.

Quechee Fells Park

Money Pit Park

Parky McParkface (a nod to another disastrous naming poll)

How quickly these things spiral out of control. Nevertheless, the Town will move forward with, according to Parks and Recreation director Scott Hausler, 64 name submissions from the public. The deadline to submit was yesterday, August 20. 

Hausler says some of the submissions are similar and have good potential. "Some people really put some thought into it, and a few of the names came with some really touching stories," he says.

And yes, several submissions likely stand no chance of serious consideration. A spreadsheet of all 64 submissions, though, has been handed over to town manager Leo Pullar, who will present them to the Selectboard at their August 28 meeting.

No word yet on when the winner will be announced, so in the meantime, call it what you will.


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