Milfoil Pull TONIGHT at Dewey Pond! Wait, What's a Milfoil Pull?

Submitted 3 months ago

It sounds like something that happens in a dentist's chair. Or that it would involve antique tractors at a county fair. 

No, in fact, milfoil is a weed. A pond weed, to be sure, and it has no business here in North America, except it's everywhere and it spreads very quickly. Milfoil left unchecked forms an impossibly thick and widespread blanket over other plant species and eventually makes life untenable, for flora and fauna. The whole food chain is disrupted, and fish, reptiles, and amphibians suffer, too.

There's milfoil in Quechee's Dewey Pond, and it's got to go. 

Tonight, Tuesday, August 21, from 5 to 7 pm, come to Dewey Pond and join the effort to remove as much of the milfoil growth as possible. This event is sponsored by VINS, and they are seeking volunteers to come out and help. 

Or, if you'd like to come and haul away some of the harvested milfoil, it happens to make excellent composting food!

Bring your canoe, your nets, bow rakes, buckets, and pitchforks, and we'll see you at Dewey Pond at 5pm!

Truckbed full of milfoil


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