What's new on the Before I Die kiosk? So many wishes

Submitted 4 months ago
Created by
Mark Travis

I imagine you're like me and find the Before I Die kiosk outside Dan & Whit's to be a must-read. It's alive with the life dreams of strangers. But who has time to stop and absorb it?

Actually, I do. So I did, yesterday. Here are my Top 10 Before I Die wishes. May these life wishes -- and yours -- all come true.

  • Sing Mama Mia in Greece.
  • Finish the Appalachian trail!! 
  • Forge one ring to rule them all.
  • See mountain gorillas.
  • Take a significant role in my grandchildren's lives.
  • Learn Italian.
  • Be on American Ninja Warrior.
  • Get out of VT.
  • Be the back of a pantomime horse.
  • Make my Mom crazy.


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