This sign on the inside door of the Finance Department safe pretty much captures it.

Friday in the Finance Office went well -- until it didn't

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Mark Travis

Roberta Robinson's day Friday was going as well as property tax deadline days go in the Norwich Finance Department until about 3:30, when the lights dimmed and took her computer system down. 

"That was for some excitement," she said.

The four folks who came in after ready to pay their bill but without the bill itself in hand, she had to turn away. She couldn't look up how much they owed.

The rules say that if it the bill wasn't paid by 4:30 Friday, the taxpayer owes 1 percent interest per month.

"They were all worried about the 1 percent," Robinson said. "But I wasn't going to charge them, and I didn't."

That's small town. And so is this: All four came back Monday and paid up.

The brownout also prevented Robinson from reconciling the payments she did receive.

"I got it all squared away yesterday," she said.

Robinson had told me the last day for tax payments was typically a million dollar day. Looks like it was again this year, though she wasn't able to complete the process until Monday. 

Put Friday and Monday together, and Robinson processed a total of $1,143,000 in property tax payments.


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