You Can TOO Make Mexican Street Food At Home!

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Here's one thing to know for sure: You're going to start by making homemade tortillas. Not just because they're easy, but because once you've tasted them you'll find it hard to go back to store-bought.

On Friday from 5-8 pm, the Co-op Food Stores will be offering a "Do It Yourself" class on Mexican street food. "It'll be very hands on," says Lindsay Smith, the Co-op's food educator and the class instructor. "Everyone makes their own tortillas, and then depending on how many people are in the class, we'll divide up. We'll make chicken tinga (shredded chicken in a tomato/chipotle sauce), and we might have another group do carne asada, and another do salsa verde or salsa roja." There'll also be a slaw of some sort, and probably some Spanish rice.

Hungry yet?

One thing to keep in mind: These will not be the American tacos you might be accustomed to. There'll be no taco seasoning, no ground beef, no shredded cheese--unless it's actual Mexican cheese. "These are more authentic than the typical American taco," says Smith. "I just want to show people how really easy it is, especially the tortillas and the fresh salsa. Fresh salsa takes no time at all, and even with the wonderful local salsas you can find on the shelf, when you make it fresh you don't have all the shelf preservatives. You get this very vibrant and fresh taste experience."

Oh, and one other thing: Once you're done cooking? You sit down together and eat it all. "It’s crazy and chaotic," says Smith. "And you get lots of food."


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