Watching the Drug Traffic

Heavy Heart

Time of Day's gone by

I have little tolerance for the indifference so many in our society hold, the apathy that swells over the bent ear's of my elder's and the direct distance of value's within a broken system of belief's. I am not sure what the correct path is to take in dealing with the totality of effect's that ripple down in each and everyone of our live's. Jail, Rehab, Hospitalization seems to be the only three choice's. Jail is a place where reality checks dim as one reenters society and is reintroduce to the same antecedent that brought them to be incarcerated in the first place. Rehab seems to be like a curse for many who do not want to truly be clean and sober but the court's have mandated it so they must go and for some they are given 6 month mandates in Rehab. I heard of one person who had to go to Rehab for 6 months and in no time after completion she over dosed and died I did not know her personally only met her once but she seemed very nice and I would have never known she was using drugs if I had not been told. Hospitalization could be considered one of those involuntary treatments whereas one is treated like they suffer from a mental illness while being medically treated for the physical addiction which has many draw back. Last but not least making drugs legal will not erase any of the consequences of health concerns of save lives not promote any stable results in my mind. I hate that it is a continuous theme no matter where I move I guess unless I removed myself from society on top of a Mountain top somewhere in a far off land but then again I am sure it would find me there to it is like trying to run from Zombies.          

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