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Oh, The Emotions

It's one week and counting! Surely it's a mixed bag of emotions for mixed kinds of people; little and big. For me, I have a newly minted KRHS graduate, the youngest of my four kids. But I can tell you that the day after she graduated, I nearly imploded and I didn't know why! I had mentally psyched myself that her graduation was a graduation of sorts, for me too. But when the excitement of the day passed, the Kearsarge blues hit me. Thankfully, she will be taking a gap year. But what about the new frosh going off to college, leaving the comfort and security of our hills? Well, I know a few of those parents and how the sense of purpose seems to change and even the meaning of life with the new delivery of their child to a college campus, far, far away! Recently, I have witnessed a few tears... and we all thought these last few weeks of rain was the weather, HA!

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32 years ago, I had a friend who told me that having a child was like watching time go by when I was expecting #1. Boy did those 32 years go fast, even though there were times I felt I was riding on a turtle. I had to bring reluctant kids to school and felt like it was such a reflection on me for not having prepared my kid properly. Yet in retrospect, wasn't it a wonderful expression of the child's love for home? Well, now I can say this!

There are those events when your child performs solo or does exceedingly well and the pride makes you swell. It's amazing to me that my kids had successes in areas that I would never have been able to achieve in, and I wanted to walk around saying, "Yeah, that's my kid" like it was something I did, HA! It's amazing how kids persevere when they find THEIR passion.

I think that parental angst is inevitable, yes there are exceptions to the rule. But we were all those kids once and we survived, as did our parents. 


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