Details emerge on Ludlow kidnapping where victim says he was forced to commit burglary and then deliberately hit by car

"They just floored it at me!," victim told police

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - Two long-time friends and convicted felons from Springfield and Chester allegedly kidnapped a man early Saturday morning by pointing a shotgun at him in order to get him to burglarize a house in Ludlow before running into him with their car and rupturing his spleen and liver when he attempted to escape.

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    Tyler “Tarantula” Marston, 32, of Chester and Rey Early, 33, of Springfield entered innocent pleas to a slate of charges on Monday afternoon before they were both ordered held without bail.

    Marston pleaded innocent to felony counts of kidnapping, inciting burglary, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, grossly negligent operation of a vehicle resulting in serious injury, leaving the scene of an injury crash and misdemeanor counts of simple assault and driving despite having a suspended license.  Marston is now facing a range of potential penalties of up to life in prison, if he were to be convicted.

Tyler Marston, 32, of Chester was ordered held without bail

    Early pleaded innocent to felony counts of kidnapping, inciting burglary, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor simple assault.  Early is also facing a potential sentence of up to life.

    Putative victim Alexander Jillson Corbosiero, 22, told police that the incident began just before midnight on Friday when Marston and Early (whose name he did not know at the time) picked him up in downtown Windsor with the offer of a ride to Springfield.

    Corbosiero claimed he had bought marijuana from “Tarantula” three or four times in recent weeks and knew some details about him, including where he lived and what kind of car he drove.  Those details proved useful to the police investigation that kicked off at 1 a.m. on Saturday with a 911 call from residents on Ghia Farm Road in Ludlow who reported that a man had just turned up at their door claiming he had just been struck by a car.

Rey Early, 33, of Springfield was ordered held without bail

    According to several police affidavits filed with the court, Corbosiero told investigators that the men had “smoked some weed” while driving from Ascutney to Ludlow in the middle of the night and then he said Early began hitting him in the chest and when they reached the West Hill area of Ludlow Early allegedly pointed a shotgun at Corbosiero and told him “he had to do something for him.”

    Corbosiero told police the group stopped at a house and he was ordered to break into it.  He said he broke out a window and opened a door because he’d been threatened but then he balked at going inside. 

    After initially arguing with Marston while standing outside Marston's SUV, a black Nissan Rogue, Corbosiero said he started to walk away with his back toward the vehicle when he heard it start to accelerate and he was struck on his left side.

    “Marston and Early did not stop and left him in the middle of the road,” the affidavit continued.

    Ludlow Police Officer Ryan Palmer wrote that when he asked Corbosiero if he owned Marston money for pot, Corbosiero replied “Maybe someone I know owes them money, I don’t know, I’m not sure, it’s very well possible.”

    A Ludlow Ambulance crew transported Corbosiero to Springfield Hospital where he was treated for lacerations to his spleen and liver.

    Later on Saturday, police tracked down a black Nissan Rouge outside Early’s residence in Springfield and noted that the passenger side mirror was dangling by some wires, there was damage to the windshield, and a box of shotgun shells was visible on the floor of the backseat.

    Police seized the black Nissan Rogue and towed it to the Ludlow Police Department.

    After receiving a tip that a pickup truck which had been reported stolen from Springfield was parked outside Marston’s residence in Chester, officers from the Chester, Ludlow and Springfield police departments responded to the residence where they arrested Marston without incident.

    Searching further into the house, police said they found Early hiding in an upstairs closet that also contained several firearms.

    “Early was non-compliant and had to be forcefully removed from the closet and placed under arrest,” Palmer wrote.

    A report of a burglary that was discovered at a residence on Upper Loop Road in Ludlow led investigators there where police said they found that a basement window had been smashed out with a rock and a door left open.

    In the roadway next to the house Ludlow Officer Jonathan Waldmann discovered “broken glass and a small piece of plastic” which was later found to “fit perfectly” into the housing of the damaged mirror on the black Nissan Rogue that police had seized earlier, Officer Palmer wrote.

    Police said both Marston and Early are “Brady disqualified” from possessing firearms due to their previous felony convictions.

    Marston’s criminal record includes convictions for operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent, aiding in the commission of a felony as well as simple assault, drunk driving, violating conditions of pre-trial release, grossly negligent operation fo a vehicle, attempting to elude police, possession of marijuana and violations of probation.

    Early’s criminal history spans 15 years and includes a felony burglary conviction in 2006 for which he received an entirely suspended 4-to-8 year sentence as well as convictions for operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent, drunk driving, providing false information to a police officer, unlawful mischief and violations of release conditions and probation.

    Over a decade ago, when Early was 21 and Marston was 19, Early struck a plea deal on a series of burglaries in which he claimed his friend Marston was one of his accomplices.  As part of his plea agreement at the time, Early was sentenced to spend a year in an intensive alcohol rehabilitation program.

Alexander Corbosiero, 22, (seen during a 2014 court appearance) was reported to be in stable condition at DHMC

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