Wanted: More photos like this one of Mr. G

Laura Osborn is collecting photos of the late Mr. G for display at the gathering following his funeral service on Saturday. She posted her request on the list yesterday, and I wrote to share a couple images I had taken and to ask about the reason behind her effort. 

"The Girards have been family friends for a long time as we are neighbors," she said. "Mr. G also coached my son in baseball, taught my daughter at Marion Cross School towards the end of his career and would talk sports with my husband on any occasion. 

"I'm a graphic designer by trade and an amateur photographer," she added, "... Because I'm a graphic designer, working with photos and on a visual display for John's life celebrations, comes easy to me and was something I could do to help the family."

Osborn took the photo atop this post. "The young boy in the shot is Joey Perras, same grade as my son -- now in 11th grade at Hanover High School," she said. "Joey is still playing baseball at the high school and did very well on the team this last year."

Osborn's story is one among so many in the web of connections John Girard spun in Norwich during his 46 years of teaching at Marion Cross. As a reminder, Mr. G's funeral service is Saturday morning at 10:30 at St. Denis Catholic Church in Hanover, with a reception following at Huntley Meadows beginning at 1, on the baseball diamond where he coached.

As for the photos, Osborn will be collecting them through Thursday. She's looking for images of him teaching, officiating or coaching.

You can send digital images at the highest resolution you've got to losbornvt@gmail.com. If all you've got are prints or negatives, just email her -- she'll scan them if she can.


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