Preparing New Teachers for a New School Year

I love working with young teachers along with others who are new to their schools each fall. And as new teachers enter schools for their first time this year, it’s a critical moment to set the right tone and support professional growth while establishing a clear path for their success.   

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To be an effective teacher today, it requires far more curricula information and resources, pedagogical expertise, as well as a greater ability to problem solve than ever before. And to master all these skills, teachers have to remain open to learning from continual feedback and studying the effective practices of others—particularly master teachers who have refined their pedagogy through years of experience and learning from countless mistakes.

At schools that prioritize reflection, communication, frequent classroom observations, regular team meetings, teaching collaborations within and across disciplines, and peer-to-peer support, teachers are able to make strides in all of the ways that serve their students best. And this, in turn, has the greatest likelihood to heighten students’ engagement and agency as learners.  

Even master teachers will tell you there are always ways to improve a lesson and help students learn more effectively. And younger, less experienced teachers have even more room to grow. Given their immediate impact as well as the hundreds or even thousands of students that teachers may have over the course of their careers, there’s probably no better investment schools can make than empowering teachers to be the best professionals they can be in their classrooms from day one.

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