Young Ninjas Class
Ended September 05
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Lylee Rauch Kacenski
September 05
8:15 PM — 9:00 PM
Price:  Your first class is free. After that, classes are $15 each.

Students learn basic techniques of martial arts. Ages 6 and up. This class will downplay aggressive behavior and foster an atmosphere of cooperation and team effort as students learn basic techniques of martial arts with emphasis on body conditioning, coordination, flexibility, and strength. Students will learn a wide variety of stances and kicking and striking techniques that will then be combined into traditional bare-hand routines that introduce coordination of stepping, blocking, striking, and kicking, and develop muscle memory. Promotions will reward hard work and give students a feeling of accomplishment, thus building their self-confidence.

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Dress code and details: Please wear a solid black short-sleeve T-shirt and solid black fitness pants. No large or long pieces of jewelry should be worn. Hair should be neatly groomed and appropriately styled off the face. 


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