yes I have MS

I have MS so what

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long story short

I might not always have the strength to speak out nor the the pride to say please help me or neither the shame necessary to plead for comfort of another because it is so deeply embedded in my soul that I must alone deal with the in's and out's of the emotional chaos that life throw's at me and the consequence's of those emotions, so I forever choose the path of less resistance, the path of the low man on the Totem pole for which is bound for glory in way I may not see til long gone. I guess I always wonder which medical condition or life circumstance will kill me first! I believe no more than one could distribute the truth.......of my own demise. I so hope like so many that my children and grandchildren will be those whom I haunt and haunt them in a way that linger's in their best interest..........for my love is a light in it's self and my effort in this life has not gone undone........... 

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