Norwich hamlets, past and future

The hamlet of Lewiston as seen from Hanover.

I'm a fan of the Norwich Historical Society's Friday Photo Facts posts on Facebook. It's so interesting to see the town as it once was. 

Today's post features a view of the hamlet of Lewiston that no longer exists -- because a good portion of Lewiston no longer exists. 

"Lewiston was named after Joseph Lewis, Norwich's first practicing physician, who moved to town in 1767 and later operated a ferry across the Connecticut River," the post says. "Most of Lewiston's buildings were torn down in 1967 for the construction of Interstate 91."

Not that I'm accusing the historical society of anything sinister, but it appears there's an ulterior motive to the post: "Join us for a tour of Lewiston, Norwich's Ghost Hamlet, on Sunday, September 9, from 1:30-3:00. Space is limited, so register here."

How cool is that? A ghost tour!

Of course, Norwich hamlets aren't simply a matter of the past. They're a facet of Norwich's present and future as well. 

That's why the Norwich Town Survey includes three questions on hamlets, Nos. 20-22. Together they explore how residents feel about the prospect of encouraging commercial development in one or more hamlets, developing them as villages apart from the center. As in ...

Don't try to check the boxes in this post! But you can comment below -- and you should take the town survey!



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