Can you help us find the best "hidden" local landmarks?

Living in the sightseers' haven place that we do, we know there are landmarks that people drive for hours and miles to see. Like the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge. The Shaw Memorial at St.-Gaudens. The Ice Cream Fore-U. 

But part of what makes a place home are the subtler, often hidden landmarks that only locals know about. 

If you go to the Upper Valley Aquatic Center with any regularity—or, well, ever—undoubtedly you've noticed the single traffic warning sign on the way up to the pool. Drive slowly, not just to appreciate this sign's adorable little embellishment, but of course because of what the sign is telling you.

It's always alarming and strange how and why a sign like this gets so scraped and scuffed. But aside from that, let's agree that whoever thought to bring their paintbrush and apply a tiny little curl of a smile to this spry little guy has done us all a service—even if it's kind of illegal.

I've never driven past this sign without smiling in return.

What are some other little landmarks that say "home" to you?

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