We've Been Saving Seeds for 12,000 Years. Here's Your Chance to Catch Up.

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All over the country, you'll find gardeners who carefully choose the varieties of fruits and vegetables they grow, lean toward reviving heirlooms, and save the seeds each year to pass on to others -- and to the future.

On Sunday, you can get a glimpse into how it's done at a seed-saving workshop in Vershire run by Sylvia Davatz, a veteran Hartland gardener. For years, Davatz maintained the local Solstice Seed Catalog, before moving on to other things. She's a serious contributor to the Iowa-based Seed Savers Exchange, which collects seeds from all over the country.

The workshop, which is sponsored by VerShare, runs from 1 to 3 pm at the Community Library in Vershire, also known as the Church-Orr House (it's at 6946 VT Route 113). It's free and open to anyone.

Here's what you'll encounter:

"The workshop will be presented by Sylvia Davatz. Sylvia has been gardening organically for over 25 years and saving seed for most of that time. Her interests focus on preserving rare varieties, selecting and adapting regionally appropriate crops to support a local, year-round food system, working on season-extending crops, trialing a range of varieties for their ability to thrive in the Northeast, and increasing the range of staple foods, such as grains, grown in the Upper Valley. A long-time member of the Seed Savers Exchange, she offers seed of 175 unique, open-pollinated varieties through their Yearbook. She believes in the importance of sharing seeds and cultivating seed saving skills within the community."

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