Remembrances of Mr. G are everywhere

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Mark Travis

The outpouring you'd expect when a community pillar like John Girard dies is, in fact, pouring out. Here is a sampling of comments from DailyUV and Facebook.

"An all-time great in our community! Changed so many lives and was humble and kind. I remember the days of sports camp in the summers with him and having him as my teacher. May we all have a little Mr. G energy and compassion in us going forward!"

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"Mr. G was such a positive force in the lives of both my children; my daughter, to whom he gave confidence that girls could do science (she is now a medical student) and my son, to whom he inspired discipline."

"Humble, kind, patient, willing to try new things, teach new ways and accepting of all."

"He was one of my favorite science teachers, though I wasn't the best of his students."

"I saw him several months ago outside the Post Office in Norwich. I'm so glad I was able to talk to him for about 5 minutes. He remembered me and was very kind and gracious as always. I was able to tell him of my fond memories of his teaching. He was a great blessing to so many people."

"I’m a bit in shock right now. I spent so much time with their family in my childhood. Bless them all."

"Mr. Girard was very good to me at a time I needed it most. I’m sure he had a great impact on many other lives."

"Mr Girard influenced my life towards a career in science in 6th grade (1974). He made science fun and interesting, and was such a nice and kind teacher. I remember him very well, it's sad to see his passing, but his legacy will continue in all the kids he influenced."


I tell you what: The service at St. Denis Catholic Church on Aug. 25 and the reception to follow -- on the baseball diamond at Huntley Meadows, where he coached -- are sure to be powerful community events.


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