Beaver Meadow Chapel: as pretty as this postcard

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Mark Travis

Today I found postcards of four Norwich places of worship in the rack at Dan & Whit's: Norwich Congregational, St. Barnabas Episcopal, Dan & Whit's (!) -- and the Beaver Meadow Chapel, a new addition.

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It's not a fundraiser. (I say that because so many things at Dan & Whit's are.) Donna Wheeler, an angel of advocacy for the lovely chapel, is delighted just the same.

"I'm hoping that people will get the postcard and want to see the inside of this historical building," she said. "It gives us exposure. Please get some and send to your friends."

I got two at 99 cents each. One is for my friend and coworker Jennifer, who loves the church and its setting. The other one is for me.

The photo on the card was taken by Doug Lufkin, who is local, and first appeared in the deck of "Norwich Antes Up" playing cards that is, of course, a fundraiser at Dan & Whit's.

"When I saw how great the picture of the chapel turn out," Wheeler said, "I asked Dan if he could make it into a postcard. He and Doug did and now they are on the rack for tourist to buy as well as locals."

The chapel is a gem with a long history -- so much so that it's on the National Register of Historic Places. And it remains a living place of worship.

"We meet from April through December third Sunday of each month at 3 pm," Wheeler said.


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