The Bennington Battle Monument in Bennington, Vermont. Source: Eixo, Wikipedia

Happy Bennington Battle Day

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Today is Bennington Battle Day, the day the forces of the Vermont Republic, New Hampshire and the United States won a key battle against the British. 

The Battle of Bennington, says Wikipedia, was

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a major strategic success for the American cause and considered the turning point of the Revolutionary War; it reduced Burgoyne's army in size by almost 1,000 men, led his Indian support to largely abandon him, and deprived him of much-needed supplies, such as mounts for his cavalry regiments, draft animals and provisions; all factors that contributed to Burgoyne's eventual defeat at Saratoga. The victory galvanized colonial support for the independence movement, and played a key role in bringing France into the war on the rebel side. The battle's anniversary is celebrated in the state of Vermont as Bennington Battle Day.


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