"Making Music" Makes Its Return to the Montshire Next Month

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the musical encore coming to the Montshire Museum of Science.

On September 15, by popular demand, the Montshire reprises its exhibit, Making Music: The Science of Musical Instruments. Like getting the band back together, kids of all ages may once again explore the science behind the tools used to create music, from well-known classics to infectious pop tunes.

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The 2,500-square-foot exhibit will feature dozens of musical instruments to pluck, thump, blow into, and generally rock out on, along with several interactive experiences and demonstrations, encouraging you to explore how and why things make the sounds that they do.

Like, have you ever focused on how sound feels in the strings of a guitar? And what really happens when a musician blows air into a flute? Play around with the range of sounds on a drum set, and create futuristic chords on something called a modular synthesizer. Who knows, maybe you’ll even invent that new genre the record producers are just waiting to discover.

Making Music also zooms in on the work of five musical artists: New Hampshire-born accordionist and accordion technician David Symons; the internationally-renowned Theremin musician Carolina Eyck; New Hampshire native Dan Snazelle and his work with the modular synthesizer; Vermont-based djembe musician and teacher Sayon Camara; and Vermont artist Tim Danyliw who makes drums from reclaimed propane tanks.

The music-making returns September 15 at the Montshire, once again merging science and art and making all of it fun.

For more exhibit info, check out the official press release.

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