3 Simple Tips to Stay Cool as the Heat and Humidity Linger

There are some great places to soak in the gentle falls of Bicknell Brook...

I try really hard not to complain about the heat and humidity when summer is such a short season for us in the Upper Valley, but that doesn't mean I don't get sweaty and agitated with these hot and sticky days. So instead of getting more irritated, I have tried to use it as a time to brainstorm on what will be most cooling and relaxing for me. And I have to admit, it's working and making me enjoy this summer season even more!

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1. Add mint (or basil and/or any fruit of choice) to some ice cold water or seltzer. My recent go-to has been grapefruit seltzer with mint and loads of ice, and it has been such a quenching afternoon cool down! Hydration is key for your body to regulate its temperature and plain water can get boring after a while. So add some natural flavor to your water and soak in the benefits of the cooling affects of mint, basil, cucumber, watermelon, and just about any other fruit at the same time!

2. Get wet! Not only is drinking water good to help your thermoregulation, but so is jumping or soaking in it! Whether you find a river, lake, pool, hose, or the ocean getting wet is the quickest way to bring your body temperature down. There is nothing more refreshing or more quintessential summer than putting on a bathing suit and going for a dip. We have so many local places to jump in, I'm sure you can find something close by and I guarantee you will feel better afterwards no matter how long or short the dip is!

3. Find some shade, lay in the grass and relax. Feeling the gentle movement of air, the coolness of the ground and grass, and your body relaxing with each passing breath will start to dial down your temperature and leave you more at ease. And again, lounging in the grass with a good book or just watching the clouds pass by is such a quintessential summer afternoon activity.

So what are you waiting for? Try out one of these three simple tips, or come up with your own, to cool off physically and mentally and make it feel like the summertime of your youth. I bet you'll feel better after and maybe you'll even start to enjoy this heat and humidity! 

Comment below with how you are trying to stay cool!

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