August Is Membership Month At The Norwich Historical Society

Source: Ken Gallager, Wikipedia

August is the month that many communities in Vermont and New Hampshire set aside a day as Old Home Day, a celebration of family, community, memories, and place. It is fitting then, that August is membership month at the Norwich Historical Society (NHS). 

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The first Old Home Day in Norwich lasted a week.  The Town celebrated Old Home Week the week of August 11 – 17 in 1901, according to the August 2018 newsletter of NHS. “Nearly 1,000 people attended, coming from as far away as California. They came to find their roots, to play baseball, dance to fiddle tunes, and join in prayer. There was a parade, bonfires, speeches, and good food.” Sounds like fun. 

Like Old Home Day, “Norwich Historical Society seeks to tell the stories, share the memories, and build the connections that the future is built upon. August is membership month at NHS.” Information about becoming a member is here
POSTED: 08.15.2018 


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