To Your Health! The Best Cocktails in the Upper Valley

Photo courtesy of Kerry Clifford

All right, so no one’s going around calling the Upper Valley the Cocktail Capital of...Anywhere. Not a slight, just a fact. It could be the beer scene is too damn good. Or that the New Hampshire Liquor Outlets are even better, and we’re all secretly a bunch of armchair mixologists.

We do have some bars and bistros that serve up outstanding specialty drinks, though. And you made some great suggestions on what’s best where. So if you find yourself dining out at any of these fine establishments and need to prime the palate with a potent pre-dinner potable, do try one of these:

“Lavender Lemon” at SILO Distillery - Artisan Park in Windsor, VT
With what’s left of summer (or in the months when you’re dreaming of it), brighten up life with this one. Made with SILO’s Lavender Vodka.

Vodka Martini at Elixir - White River Junction, VT
Any coincidence that Elixir’s logo is a martini glass? For your purposes, make it vodka, straight up. And dirty. Like, three-olives-dirty.

Gin Martini at Windsor Station - Windsor, VT
Take your martini in a different direction, gin lovers. But give it a little something extra. A splash of St-Germain, the elderflower liqueur.

“Sage Advice” at Wild Roots - Royalton, VT
It’s in the name, so you’d best take it. It’s in the ingredients, too: gin, honey, sage, lemon, and egg white. (Also, the entire Wild Roots cocktail menu looks ridiculous.)

$3 Margaritas at Molly’s Restaurant - Hanover, NH
Ah, college towns. Drink deals were invented for coeds, but you never outgrow them. And margaritas are eternal.

“The First Impression” at 506 Bistro & Bar/On the River Inn - Woodstock, VT
Spice up your routine with this rye whiskey drink made with ginger syrup and liqueur and a twist of lime.

“Low and Sloe” at PINE - Hanover NH
Put me down for this one every time. PINE’s take on a Sazerac, elegantly doctored with sloe gin and a tip of Calvados.

“Long Bright Dark” at PINE - Hanover, NH
A dark and twisted whiskey sour, this. With blackberry-ginger cordial and finished off with black pepper. Yeak, okay.

“The Antioxidant” at Ariana’s/The Lyme Inn - Lyme, NH
I don’t think this is false advertising either. Rum with muddled mixed berries, mint, lime juice, simple syrup, and seltzer? The ole hair of the dog got a grooming!

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"WaterLEMon Gnargarita" at Trail Break Taps + Tacos - White River Junction, VT
Housemade jalapeno watermelon lemonade would be good even without the tequila. But "without tequila" is no one's idea of a good time. 

Didn’t see your favorite cocktail on the list? Leave a comment! Share the wealth!

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