Not a timed stoplight in sight. But yeah, it's there.

Bill Malo feels better, now that he ranted. But ...

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Mark Travis

By the time I heard back from Bill Malo about his "Beaver Meadow Stoplight Rant" on the Norwich list yesterday, I'd already posted about it. But he had more to say by email last night, so I figured I'd do an update. Bottom line is, venting is good for the psyche -- and a better timed stoplight helps even more.

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"We live out in West Norwich," he wrote me. "It is not uncommon for at least one of our vehicles to make two round trips into town in a day and I think the one vehicle record stands at four. Yikes. So that stupid slow light pisses me off."

The light Bill is referring to is on Beaver Meadow Road, where a crew is rebuilding a stream bank damaged in a deluge at the start of July. The result is a one-lane stretch with a timed light at either end.

"All I really want is for someone with a brain (and not a bag of nickels) in his or her cranium to reprogram the lights to be more responsive," he wrote. "Whatever settings they have established are stupid. It takes 14 seconds to drive thru from a standstill. If there are no cars anywhere to be seen in either direction and no work is going on the longest one should wait for a green light is about 20 seconds.

"I guess I was hoping someone at the town would see my rant and go review the set up. But maybe I just wanted to bitch. I have had better luck actually making a green light since I posted my rant!"

So that's progress -- at least for Bill. But what about it, town? Should the timer be adjusted?


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