The Future Holds...a Psychic Fair this Saturday in Norwich

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What do solar flares, hazel trees, and psychic readings have to do with the Upper Valley this week? A lot more than you realized! And you’ll have a chance to find out—and get a little metaphysical—this Saturday at Norwich’s Tracy Hall.

Riding on the excitement and success of a similar event in April, the Solar Flare Psychic Fair invites people of all ages and spiritual orientations to explore the soul and peek at the future with the help of any one of several psychic readers and energy workers who will be on hand.

A “Metaphysical Farmers’ Market,” says organizer Karen Roy, will unfold in Tracy Hall, with artists and healers and other vendors offering their wares, from crystals and hand-crafted jewelry to dowsing rods and psychic cards—and so much more. Expect a few local food trucks to be parked outside, too. (Because tacos are good for the soul.)

Roy has been spearheading psychic fairs like this one (and the one in April) for over six years, and not just because she loves to. These fairs function as fundraisers for a much larger and much nobler cause—the Half Moon Sober Festival (HMSF), held annually over Memorial Day Weekend in New Boston, NH.

HMSF is a 4-day multi-cultural, substance-free camping event designed to be a fun, safe experience for those in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Families and friends are welcome too, of course, to a weekend filled with live music, good food, fun activities, and recovery-related workshops. The Solar Flare Psychic Fair is one of many fundraisers to help make HMSF possible each year.

Roy and her fellow metaphysicians are particularly excited about the timing of this Saturday’s psychic fair.

For starters, this week is Palindrome Week, in which every date (8/13/18, 8/14/18…) can be written the same forward and backward. The date of the fair, 8/18/18, is perhaps the utmost of the palindrome days of the week. In this may we find symmetry and balance!

And to help ward off the disruptive magnetic forces of the Sun’s solar weather, according to psychic, medium and Tarot card reader, Stacey Smith, the Celtic tradition places us in the Hazel Tree cycle of the year. “It’s the cycle of inspiration, wisdom, and intuition,” says Smith, who will be available for readings on Saturday. “Now is a great time to receive guidance as nourishment during these turbulent times and to move forward on goals and plans.”

So make it your goal and plan to get to the Solar Flare Psychic Fair this Saturday.

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