Tell Us How You Really Feel About This Stoplight, Mr. Malo

William Malo lived up to his subject line in his "Beaver Meadow Stoplight Rant" on the Norwich list this morning. 

"Yes, Norwich now has three stop lights," he wrote. "If you wish to experience the frustration of waiting for a full minute at a red light when there are no cars coming or going in either direction all you have to do is drive out Beaver Meadow Rd past the S turns. With motion sensors at both ends of the one lane passage that takes less than 14 seconds to drive though this is a wonder of traffic control science and technology. You can enjoy the view of pristine woods and listen to the brook babbling down below while you wait and wait and wait for the light to turn green."

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I suppose there are worse ways to spend 14 seconds than listening to a babbling brook along Beaver Meadow Road -- but only if it lowers your blood pressure. Not if it increases it.

What side of the stoplight do you come down on?

And here's what the work is all about, by the way.


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