Another Creemee Story: A Sign from the Universe

I love maple creemees. I try not to eat them. Or many of them. Maybe 2 per summer. But sometimes there comes a sign from the universe. 

On Friday evening, my husband and I were planning our next day’s errands and outings. We decided we would indulge in a creemee from Mac’s Maple in Plainfield NH on Saturday. But on Saturday morning, we were rethinking the whole idea, weighing, on the one hand, the potential effects on what used to pass for our waistlines and on the other, the pure, sweet pleasure of maple soft-serve with crumbles.

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I grabbed my iPad and opened Words With Friends (an online game of Scrabble.) I had not noticed this before, but Words With Friends chooses and posts a Word of the Day. While there are somewhere between 600,000 and 900,000 words in the English language, on this particular Saturday morning, the word was . . . creemee.

We do not ignore signs from the universe. ( In fact, we are eagerly awaiting the next one.) And so . . . well, you know how this story ends.

According to Words With Friends, creemee is defined as “the simple union of soft-serve ice cream and maple sugar and/or maple syrup. Only used in Vermont.”

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