A time to rest

The The Crow is Cawing


My Root's run deep in the North and the South while my Heart and Soul lingers in the middle of the North and South all along my Spirit always sorrowing through that which has no material substance nor mass. I took a two day Holiday and much of my time I spent connecting with my Northern Root's reliving good times and not so good times. There was an absence of youthfulness as I tried to recall long drives with my BFF bound for one place or another in hope's of progressing towards Enlightenment of any kind and a safe passage towards there. It seems like the rite of passage has change in manner  but not of desire to reach in ways that reflect true Self and a proper place in society. I feel like it is a never in quest no matter the age, experience or avocation. How often do you find yourself in this sort of journey of the greatest question of them all......what is my propose and am I on the path to my greatest good? I'm I walking the Good Red Road?

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