A Lampscapes 3-Axis Reading Lamp and fine-art 'origami' shade as seen in the VT Welcome Center in Guilford, VT.

Are Price and Value Inversely Related?

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Dave Celone

An Upper Valley Lamp Maker's Story...

If you've been following my articles here this summer, you'll know I started out this summer each Wednesday learning how to make a hand-painted fine-art lampshade at Lampscapes at 77 Gates Street in White River Junction, VT, just across the street from Northern Stage and its Barrette Center for the Arts. I've learned how to construct and sew, as well as paint a lampshade, but then I started wondering how to price things. Here's what I learned with a bit of research...

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Pricing for high-quality lamps and shades that endure for generations is fairly straightforward. There are several excellent lamp makers out there in MA and VT, and pricing for a lamp that is durable, has some heft, is artfully constructed, and maybe even has  some adjustable features, with a white, off-white, or pattern printed on the shade can vary from $750 to $2,200 and more for floor standing lamps, and from $360 to $660 or more for table lamps. 

A Lampscapes 3-Axis Floor Reading Lamp and fine-art shade as seen in the Guilford, VT Welcome Center.

One thing I've not been able to find is a lamp similar to the lamps Ken Blaisdell of Lampscapes makes. Ken's lamps are 3-Axis Reading Lamps that swing 180 degrees in the horizontal plane, as well as adjust at two points in the vertical plane. The result is weighty and solid floor lamps and table lamps that are extraordinarily well-suited for reading and other types of tasks like knitting, sewing, composing music, or whatever else you might do that needs lighting exactly where you want it. And the arcs and lines of Ken's lamps are truly beautiful to see. Other lamps out there might adjust vertically, but you have to manhandle the base around left and right to get the light just where you want it.

Not so with Ken's lamps. Why?  Because Ken actually invented the 3-Axis Reading Lamp that operates with the slight touch of a finger in the horizontal plan, and the twist of two knobs in the vertical plane. The result is a perfect lighting solution for wherever you're sitting, standing, or need to direct light to see. My ever-aging eyes love the task lighting aspect Ken's lamps offer.

Now, back to pricing. I hope to convince Ken that his lamps are priced much too low as compared to other lamps on the market that are similar in weight, quality, artistic beauty, and in enduring lifespan. But there's nothing out there I can find that compares to a Lampscapes 3-Axis Lamp for light placement perfection. If the lamp is priced too low, people may think it's not as high quality a lighting fixture as other lamp products. It's funny what impacts a buying decision, but when the price is high, people assume the value is also high. In this case, with Lampscapes lamps, the price is lower than most, yet the value is extremely high. And, yes, I mean extremely high because there is no other lamp that operates smoothly and as well as a Lampscapes reading lamp. So, in terms of actual value of a Lampscapes 3-Axis Reading Lamp, value is off the charts!

A 3-Axis Wall Lamp, also allows for perfection in light placement from a wall-mounted position, as seen with hand-painted 'origami' shade in the Lampscapes showroom. Artwork available for sale is oil on canvas by Ken Blaisdell.

I hope you'll visit Lampscpaes to see Ken's 3-Axis Reading Lamp invention. It's new and smooth and easy to adjust horizontally and vertically. And it's esthetically pleasing in any space. I've been a fan since Ken invented the special neck and swivel collar arrangement that allows the light to swing left and right with ease in the horizontal plane. This invention is Ken's claim to fame. And if I can convince him to increase his prices, I will. In the meantime, come have a look at Ken's artisan-made 3-Axis Reading Lamps, as well as his fine-art lampshades, and Ken's works of oil on canvas paintings. Every lamp comes with a unique, hand-painted, fine-art shade you choose to match your decor. It's fun to do, and you'll love the results your home includes a Lampscapes lamp.

I'm certain you won't be disappointed!

Contact Ken at ken.lampscapes@gmail.com, or by phone at: (802) 295-8044. Lampscapes showroom and workroom hours are Tue - Sat, 9 AM - 5 PM.


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