Hartford Has Fried Dough!

If it seems like I'm at 2 Guys Pies a lot, it's because I am there a lot.

Last year, they opened an ice cream window and all of Hartford rejoiced. Well, I rejoiced. This year, they've outdone themselves by adding homemade fried dough to their menu. I am reprising my civic duty to inform you that you must go there and put this fried dough in your face. Like this. 

Fried dough is my fair food of choice. Having reached an age at which I must choose my treats wisely, I will forego everything for a sweet hunk of piping hot dough.

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An aside: A few years ago I waited all day at the Big E to treat myself to a fried dough. I had one shot, as the place was mobbed and we were about to leave. As I weaved through the crowds with it on a plate, counting the seconds until I could eat it with both hands, a boy's hand came out of nowhere and slapped the plate, the dough, and my dreams to the ground. He was differently abled, and his parents were so mortified, and clearly so exhausted themselves that despite their sincere offers to buy me another, I couldn't bear to let them - or to trek through the throng again myself. When I got back to my family they were all, "didn’t you get fried dough?" and I almost cried.

Back to my point.

The fried dough at 2 Guys is unlike anything you will find at the fair. I suspect the fair dough is sort of chewy on the outside because it gets churned out in bulk and the frying oil doesn't stay as hot. At 2 Guys, they make it to order; your dough is the only one they concern themselves with for the next 5-7 minutes. It's crusty-crisp on the outside, warm and airy on the inside. You will not be disappointed.

If you are extra hungry, they will turn it into a fried dough maple sundae with vanilla ice cream and real maple syrup.

I took the liberty of sampling it for you. Because that is how much I care. Be sure to try it!


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