Lemonade ? (These Kids are motivated)

Not your typical Lemonade stand

Some kids reach for the Sky and land on their own two feet.

Earlier this morning, as I was coming out of Dan and Whit's with a coffee and doughnut (don't tell my doctor), I noticed a Lemonade stand and stopped to ask if I could trade my coffee in for a lemonade.  When no one responded, I decided to purchase a lemonade for $ 1.00 and asked what this fundraiser was for.  I was very surprised to hear that it supports the World War II Airborne demonstration team. 

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They are a registered 501 c 3 not for profit foundation Ein # 043679356 

Their contact phone # is 580-335-3344 and here is their web site 

World War II Airborne demonstration team 

I asked the Lemonade stand proprietors if I could speak with their parents to get their permission to do the story and use the photos. I spoke with the parents who gave me the green light for the story.

One of the goals of this program is to teach kids how to safely jump out of a C47 Airplane.

see the C47 you tube video  which explains the purpose of this aircraft.

Tyler Odell has supplied this video that shows these kids actually jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft.

I ask Why?  and was told why not.

Jumping from a C-47 aircraft 

I commend them for their accomplishments and hope that the stand does well and helps them achieve their goals.

Remember,Honor and Serve (What a great idea)

Eamen Odell,Blake Hooper, and Tyler Odell manning the stand

Heidi Holland making a purchase and supporting the cause

Eamon,Ethan, and Tyler

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