PHOTOS: Truck towing van rolls over into the median of Interstate 89 in Sharon

SHARON - No one was hurt early Thursday afternoon when a pickup truck towing a van began fishtailing and entered the median of Interstate 89 where it ended up rolling over three times before coming to a rest.

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    Alexander Robinson, 17, from Sharon said he was on his way to a junkyard to get rid of a derelict old van for a friend of his when the mishap occurred in the southbound lanes near Mile Marker 11.

    "We were taking this multi-colored junk van to the junkyard on a trailer and we were doing about 60 miles an hour when we came around the corner and the trailer kind of started swerving back-and-forth," Robinson recalled at the scene.

    "I was able to correct it so I started slowing down but then it swung to my right, almost into the guardrails, and then it came back into the passing lane."

    Robinson said he briefly considered whether it would be safer to ditch toward the guardrails but he noted that beyond them is an especially steep embankment leading down into the woods.

    "It went back-and-forth three or four times until the final time where it kind of jackknifed and the trailer came all the way into the other lane and it kind of caught the edge of the road," Robison explained, saying that was what pulled the vehicles into the median where it went most of the way up the slope toward the northbound lanes before losing momentum.  It then commenced rolling side-over-side down the slope back to the ditch at the bottom of the median.

    "It went up into the median and then it rolled three times and then ended up in a way on top of this van," Robinson said.

    All three occupants of the pickup were wearing their seatbelts and emerged without a scratch.

Robinson (standing atop the overturned trailer) said the vehicles had slowed to below 40 mph by the time they entered the median

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