Into Food? The Woodstock Farmer's Market is Looking for You.

The Woodstock Farmer's Market -- which is actually a store in a building, not a group of vendors in a field -- is looking for bakers, baristas, and other help. This is not unusual -- lots of restaurants, farmstands, and other local food purveyors are all desperately seeking staff. 

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But we like the way the Farmer's Market explains why you might want to go work there--or at least shop there. "Celebrating our 27th year, we feed our community in many ways: First, we hire good people who care deeply about great service. Second, we carefully source outstanding food from all over the country as well as from Vermont food artisans who know where their ingredients are coming from--whether it be grains, fresh meats, seafood, dairy, cheese or produce. And third, we provide our community important connections to the local food chain and feel we are your advocate for great food and food advice."

Also, it doesn't hurt that as their first qualification, they put: "Must have love of food."


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